Sold out: Residential complex Velide

Update April 3: the construction has started!

Enjoy your real estate investment without worry

Residential complex ‘De Velide’ (near Arnhem) is a safe investment opportunity for private and business real estate investors. The real estate investment comprises a total of 60 sustainable and marketable A+++ new construction apartments. The continuous shortage of affordable homes is one of the key drivers of this project. The rental and management of the investment properties are (optionally) completely taken care of.

The project is sold out.

Frequently Asked Questions

The rental amounts of the homes are calculated according to the housing valuation system (WWS). In addition, research has been done into the market rental value by analyzing nearby rented reference objects. Based on the future WWS, rents will also remain virtually unchanged.

We work together with Holland2Stay. The management services of Holland2stay are optionally offered. You can benefit from an advantageous rate.

Yes, you become the full owner of the investment property.
Yes that is possible. You can get a non-binding option for a period of 2 weeks.

On the one hand to give the apartment complex a uniform appearance. And on the other hand, so that the tenant does not have to invest in new furniture. The apartments are therefore excellent for renting out. In addition, common areas are less damaged because there are fewer movements. This makes the complex last longer.

  1. Request the current price list from one of our sales representatives
  2. Choose one or more apartments
  3. Make a non-binding reservation (max 2 weeks) if you have any questions
  4. Receive the draft purchase agreement if you wish to purchase
  5. Sign the purchase agreement
  6. Receive an invitation from the Notary
  7. Acquire final ownership after the transfer of the lot has taken place
This project is supervised by Helder notarissen.

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